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Spirit Communication

Our seances are done with two mediums for one price. We offer private seances, (1-3 people), and group seances, (4+ people). Seances are not as depicted in the movies or on television! They are safe, and often emotional, but they are not scary. We have protective measures in place to ensure that we only allow your beloved dead to communicate and not any unwelcome spirits. 


Seance Pricing:

Private seances: $100/person

Group seances: $50/person

*Please note that prices may be slightly higher if we are traveling a long distance. Confirm pricing prior to booking.* 


House Clearings can involve both removing unwelcome spirits from your home or simply negotiating with them to follow your set of rules in order to stay. Home owners may be present if they want to or they may leave the home while we do the work if they prefer.  


House Clearing Pricing:

$200 minimum


Basic spirit communication classes are offered for people who believe they have some ability and would like to understand it better and how to be safe. You will learn how to create a safe space to work with spirits, who your spirit guide is and how to use various tools safely. We will communicate with your guide to learn about your connection, from this world or the past.


Spirit Communication Class Pricing:



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