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Rune Readings

With a long, complex history, runes are most likely the first mystical tools used for protection and connecting to psychic insights. There is evidence of runes being used as early as the Roman and Germanic Eras, with the first runic alphabet dating back to 150-800 AD. In various languages, the root of the word rune means "secret", "whisper", "something hidden" and "mystery", indicating the special powers that casting runes hold. Modern mystics use runes for divination, much like tarot cards. These mystics draw runes from a set to answer questions or create spreads which are supposed to predict upcoming events. Each rune has a specific meaning in the context of divination, and the interpretation of runes can become quite complex, especially when a large number of runes is used in combination.

Price for Rune Reading:

30 minute rune reading: $40.00

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